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Psychedelic Society of India

To promote safety, information and responsible use of psychedelic compounds on human consciousness – to support healing, personal growth and the evolution of culture


Psychedelic Society

of India

What Are
Mental Health & Depression
Safety & Integration
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Mission & Purpose

Campaigning for Access

Praying Together

Community & Events

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We all work as volunteers, No leaders or Founders, Self Guidance Society that allows open access to knowledge & each member can contribute in their own manner. Each member has unique perspective  & history with varied skillets.  Regular group meetings on ground & online, we aim to have an open society aimed at manifesting a future of Love, Safety & Shanti

 Decriminalization using evidence based changes to reduce negative consequences of prohibition-based on health, harm reduction, cost effectiveness and human rights. 


  • Reduction of prison/jail costs and population size.

  •  Liberate enforcement resources for more appropriate use. Eg Public health

  •  Grant appropriate use of psychedelics for mental health issues, reducing the need for prescription drugs with addictive and harmful side effects.

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Somaa is an NGO based on Research & Integration of Entheogentic / Psychedelic Plants based in India.

Our Mission is to Research & Educate on Entheogenic Plants with Ayurveda and their Integration into Mental Health of Society & Growth of Human consciousness

Counseling Group

Counselling & Therapy

We provide various therapeutic & Counselling sessions.  


  • Private One on One Safety & Integration sessions

  • Counselling on Mental Health & Depression

  • Therapy offered by Partnered Organisations

We bring people together and build the public understanding of psychedelics through hosting a wide range of events including talks and film screenings.


  • Allows an open discussion on psychedelics & Community sharing & support 

  • Educational talks by members & their respective projects 

  • Public Screening of Films & 

  • Group Integration sessions on a monthly basis. 

  • Mental Health & Depression group counselling sessions


Knowledge &


Latest News on Research in India ​& around the globe on Psychedelics & pantheon of knowledge  over the last decade that would help educate those of the usages of Psychedelics



  • Movies - Documentaries 

  • Books 

  • Podcasts

  • Open Source Knowledge Bank

  • Latest News 

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