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About the Psychedelic Society of India

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We promote the safety and provide information for the responsible use of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness supporting healing, personal growth and the evolution of civilisation. We are a platform for the propagation of knowledge, achievement of evidence based advancement and network with an enlightened community and support network. Our aim is to support learning, increasing awareness and reduce the risks affiliated. With the socially constructive use of altered states of consciousness we can harness their potential benefits and recognise and analyse new channels for treating illnesses.


We believe in constructing an active, supportive and harmonious psychedelic community by establishing regular events to meet, share experiences and facilitate open, constructive public discussion.  We organise lectures, film screenings, music events, art classes, and discussion groups.


We take an integrative approach, discussing social, cultural and scientific aspects of psychedelics—this includes inviting experts and those with extensive personal experience in each of these domains to offer their wisdom. 


We aim to establish a positive image of psychedelics and advocate for their safe, informed and socially constructive use.


We believe psychedelics are essential in the evolution of human consciousness revealing the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things. They grant superior creative inspiration and encourage harmony at a time when division in humanity appears to be rising  disconnecting us from the wider ecosystem.   We actively collaborate with other similar organisations around the world, conducting research, promoting harm reduction and building community. We welcome anyone interested in psychedelics, experienced psychonaut or curious beginner, please get involved!

The Team at Psychedelic Society of India

As a Open Society, we hold each member in equal stature. we all bring something to the table. this is why we want don't list any human faces on our site. We dedicate our time and effort in promoting Plants and  their ability to help heal and evolve human consciousness. 

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